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10 February 2015 -  The humanitarian needs in Northern Iraq have remained unremitting. Families have been displaced from their homes as a result of the intense violence plaguing parts of Iraq. Many have settled in Kurdistan and now struggle without basic necessities to support their health, hygiene and warmth throughout the cold winter months.

As a result, GlobalMedic doubled its winterization response, delivering an additional two phases of support to IDP families in Kurdistan. The program targeted the most vulnerable families that lacked adequate shelter and access to basic services. This included both those living inside IDP camps in Al Sulaymaniyah, as well as those in informal settlements.

Roughly 2000 IDPs were reached every day throughout the duration of the extended program, as the team worked to distribute nearly 300 kits daily. Vulnerable families were provided with supplies that they specifically needed, every kit being customized for the unique needs of each family: Diapers for families with a newborn, extras for those with multiple children, enough blankets to provide warmth for every member of the family and packs of sanitary napkins for female IDPs. The GlobalMedic team also traveled to a number of local churches in order to reach the hundreds of families seeking shelter there.

Written by Katherine Archer — March 13, 2015

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